Create a Community.
Not a Commodity.

The mission with The Lift has always been to have a resource that uplifts you and those around you.

This ‘Lift’ can come from personal growth, professional gain, or a being elevated from someone else’s achievements.

Becoming a source of elevation for others while tending to your own climb can be a turbulent flight, but everyone will agree the view from the cabin is worth the voyage.

As with any journey, one doesn’t arrive safely at a destination with out a compass. One can only set out to his or her destination after meticulous training, experiencing failures, and follow paths and methods that have successfully guided pilots before them.

Client Giant founders, Jay O’Brien and Jeff Jackel, have dedicated their work to helping others in becoming the best versions of themselves, both in their professional lives and personal as the two are often intertwined. “You don’t buy the product, you buy the person.”

Speaking and writing strictly from experience, the two have traveled around the world speaking and sharing the philosophy of making business transparent and caring more for others because no one ever went broke from giving.

The ‘Care More’ philosophy is seen and felt throughout their company, Client Giant, an automated client concierge service dedicated to increasing repeat and referral business throughout the nation by treating clients to unique experiences; Bringing back the human nature to business and the way people experience business.

The Lift is the Client Giant Flight School with classes in leadership, client experience, and being human.

Enjoy and get ready for takeoff.