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Client Giant’s favorite Business Podcasts

We’re in the digital age and information is of no shortage here! From watching videos to reading articles in the palm of your hand on your phone.

Podcasts are popping up from every corner and now solid contenders for attention, competing against the beloved Top 40 on the radio. Many businesses and organizations have jumped to the podcast train to discuss their philosophies, experiences, and typically bring on guests to up the ante on the conversations.

Podcasts have solidified their place on the entertainment and education podiums and it doesn’t look like they have any plans of slowing down.

Here are some of our favorite podcasts from Client Giant team members:

The Tim Ferriss Show

To no one’s surprise, this podcast hosted by best-selling author, human guinea pig, and bay area maverick, Tim Ferriss makes its way to the list as the titles get circulated in conversation.

Tim is both the quintessential and antithesis of a Bay Area entrepreneur. Tech investor, has multiple books on hacks on productivity and the human body, and is ultra meticulous with details; and that’s an understatement.

Ferriss goes on his podcast and interviews top performers in various industries and walks of life, from Navy SEALs, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers, etc.; From Tony Robbins to LeBron James, the Tim Ferriss Show has showcased them all.

Taking a different approach, Ferriss often discusses morning routines, books that have had an impact on the guests, and the small quirks that make the biggest difference in their day-to-day life which is a bread and butter concept Tim rages about.

Here is the episode with Motivation Speaker Tony Robbins:

Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Here is a podcast that hits more like a documentary or an episode of a TV you binge on the couch while wearing sweats and having a tub of ice cream within arms reach. No one is watching, so don’t be wary, there is no judgement.

Rachel Belle interviews famous singers, athletes, and people of influence and asks them what their last meal would be. She then goes on to discuss the origin of dish, its preparation, and its influence on culture. 

It’s a great way to gain insight to the people of influence on the show from what they choose as their last meal. From New York style pizza to Eggs Benedict, this podcast never gets boring.

Check out “Your Last Meal” on Apple Podcast.

The Introvert Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs carry a reputation for being larger than life personalities, razor sharp thinkers, and lightning quick decision makers. In the past couple of years, the Entrepreneur has become more than a business title and taken on the life of a persona and a lifestyle that has gone under bright light display across social media and television and almost demanded an extroverted personality.

That’s where the Introvert Entrepreneur podcast enters.

The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast has won awards and hailed as “Top 25 Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs”, “Inspiring Women’s Voices”, “100 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser,”  and comes to you to give advice, learn, share, and discuss business from the perspective of an introvert. 

Each episode of the podcast can fall into four different categories:

  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship

Click here to listen to The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast.

The $100 MBA

Another winning podcast hosted by Author and Co-Founder of Webinar Ninja, Omar Zenhom. This podcast brings a zero nonsense and straightforward approach to discussion and education.

Spanning topics and answering questions such lifestyle businesses, affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid, when to hire a CFO, common online business mistakes, and more; This podcast has cemented itself as an incredibly valuable resource for anyone who is interested in starting a business or that is currently building their business.

Click here to listen to the $100 MBA Podcast.

School of Greatness Podcast

This podcast comes at you from pro athlete and entrepreneur, Lewis Howes, and shares stories and experiences from bright minds in business. Past guests have included Jay Shetty, Russell Simmons, Tony Robbins, Jocko Willink, and the list goes on.

The School of Greatness Podcast is not shy in the episodes department as it approaches close to a thousand episodes, there is almost no rock left unturned and a massive range of topics covered in the podcast, making it a library of lessons in both the personal and professional arenas.

Click here to check out the School of Greatness Podast.

The Lift

Ok, shameless plug.

The Lift is a podcast produced by our in house digital team designed to elevate you and those around you.

Our founders, Jay & Jeff, tell us the stories that made the most impact on them personally and how those experiences affected their professional lives. Spanning the globe, from Iceland to Thailand, from being a child to adult, and everything in between. These stories are full of nuggets to lighten any day and inspire business owners at any stage of their professional life.

Click here to check out The Lift Podcast

Well! There it is! We hope this list has added serious value to your daily listening routine and inspires you in the personal and professional growth departments.

Let us know which of these you like the most and send us your favorite podcasts!

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